EOS M: Rodney Dangerfield of mirrorless?

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70D compared with EOS M AF

dual12 wrote:

That is slow focus, and it's video. Plenty of people expect near instantaneous focus when they shoot stills, especially if they have a dslr that provides that.

It is near instantaneous in the video, what are you talking about? You do understand what a focus pull is, right? I first focus on one object, then I wait about 5 second (I wait, not the camera) and then I put my finger on another spot on the lcd - and bang, it goes right there. The delay is me, not the camera. It moves the focus to what I want and when I want, near instantaneously.

Look at the second video, where I just move the camera and the camera changes the focus. There you see any actual camera delay (shifting from 3 inches to 5 feet).

Here is the same test (not carried out by me) using the new Canon 70D DSLR, which is the fastest focusing of any Canon:

Canon 70D:


Canon EOS M test by me to replicate above, but in worse light:


Do you see a big difference in performance? I do see a difference, but they are amazingly close.

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