Olympus OM-D EM5 and 45 1.8 lens quality/too soft

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Olympus OM-D EM5 and 45 1.8 lens quality/too soft

Hi all,

I normally don't check my photos zooming and getting obsessed about the sharpness, pixels, aberrations, etc., etc., but just look at the overall look and feeling, but this time I'm feeling some bad quality effects on some of my shoots and I would like to get some opinion.

My camera is an OMD-OM5 and lenses Oly 45mm 1.8, in this case, and I'm noticing that some of my shots look too "digital", like wax effect on them, they are jpegs, so I guess that it's the NR that create artefacts, but some of them are too much...

But not only this, not I'm also noticing that many photos are not well focused and they are shoot all at fast shutter speeds so it's not a problem of unstable hands or something like this.

It can be a bad lens sample?

I post examples, just jpegs straight from camera.

P.S. I will never shot jpegs again in my life. I professionally shoot RAW, but I thought jpeg would be enough for travel photos, now I regret so much...

Please give your opinion

Many thanks


Look at the girls face, it look so soft and it's the focus point

Look at the tree leaves and the out of focus areas, "tricycle" back looks ugly and buildings bokeh looks ugly too. Focus point (guy in tricycle) is not sharp...

Flat view
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