M43 seems more and more overpriced compared to NEX

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Re: M43 seems more and more overpriced compared to NEX

I own an nex6 (and a nex 5n before that) but if it's a really great cam for stills,  I'm not fully happy with moire and aliasing that I see sometimes on my video shoots.

So I had a quick look on olympus EM5, G6 or GX7 which are considered far better on video side

but :

- GX7 is overpriced and IBIS doesn't work during video (!!) . And I didn't see any stabilized lenses with fast aperture (and not too big !). I would prefer a stabilized shoot rather than IQ considered the whole package size (Why do we need a very small cam if we should bring each time a tripod...)

- EM5 : great cam almost perfect, but there is an only damn 30p video mode

- G6 : much bigger and same remark about non stabilized lenses with fast aperture. Plus there isn't anymore a big prices différence between those 2 family lenses.

Considering I'm a casual videographer, may be I should wait expecting hack, firmware update or even new a app that either :

- fix moire and aliasing pb on nex6 -> Sony)

- enable IBIS during video on GX7 -> Panasonic)

- allow 24p and 60p modes on EM5 ->Olympus

I do have a look also on RX100 but DOF can't be as good as with my SEL50f18 and I can't now shooting without a build-in EVF.

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