EOS M: Rodney Dangerfield of mirrorless?

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Let's be FRIENDS - we're all in the boat together.

Dedcakes wrote:

Even if the M cost upwards to $1299 and the best M43 and NEX bodies were priced under $400, the M would still be the best camera. We would have all bought the M over a $299 GX7; it's a no brainer. Even if the M was around $1000, you essentially have all of the features a pro photography would need at the fraction of the cost!

Who needs a FF sensor anyway? Mirrorless is superior, due to its compact size and touch focus, for any photographer and the M is class leading.

And finally all those M43 gearheads are ignorant of the fact that the APS-C sensor is LARGER than M43. Obviously the M is better! I'm not sure about the NEX but based on pictures I've seen it must be smaller. Also, NEX E mount hardly has any lenses. Both systems are dying and are not profitable.

Come on, let's not go too far in the other direction - just because there are some silly posters in the M4:3 and NEX forums who don't give respect to other mirrorless mounts (and believe me, there are just as many NEX users slagging M4:3 users, and M4:3 users slagging NEX users), doesn't mean the Canon EOS-M forum needs fan-boys slagging off on M4:3 and NEX to get even. They're ALL good systems, all have some nice advantages over DSLRs and larger bodies, and have some disadvantages too. And we all buy into mirrorless cameras for very similar reasons, whether we pick Sony, Oly, Panny, Canon, Samsung, Nikon, or Fuji. There's just no reason to be 'against' another mirrorless mount...we're all in the same boat together, so let's talk about the things we ALL like about mirrorless and share.

The M4:3 shooters are perfectly aware of their sensor size...there's nothing wrong with the M4:3 sensor. It's a bit smaller, but for most shooting needs, it will do an equally good job.

The NEX is NOT a smaller sensor - it's APS-C with a 1.5x crop. And the eMount does not have 'hardly any lenses'...in fact it has 21 autofocus lenses available in eMount currently. That's not 'hardly any lenses'...that's a solid start for a 3 year old system.

No matter which mirrorless mount you choose, you have essentially all the features a pro photographer would need...the same goes for nearly any APS-C DSLR. Pro bodies aren't about having more 'features' - they're about having a bigger sensor - and yes, for extreme needs there is simply no substitute for a massive sensor, big bodies with good ergonomics and excellent controls, hardy builds that can withstand elements and abuse, and a 24-hour service lifeline exclusive to pro-body owners who need field service and emergency service - that's what they're paying thousands for.

Mirrorless cameras are all very capable, very compact, and very cool. They're not pro bodies as they're not meant to be. There can be 'semi pro' or upgrade mirrorless bodies - NEX, Fuji, and M4:3 all have them, and Canon may also join in with a higher-spec M body. The more the merrier.  As for profitability - NO mirrorless mount is profitable yet. But it certainly would be a good thing for ALL of us as mirrorless shooters to see these mounts succeed. Why would any EOS-M buyer want the other mirrorless mounts to fail? Why would NEX or M4:3 buyers want the Canon mount to fail? All mirrorless mounts are new, and all struggling to find their footing - it behooves all of us to see these mounts be successful, and carve out a niche in the marketplace, because we ALL enjoy what mirrorless brings to the table, and would love to have many choices available to us, and plenty of competition to keep innovation and improvement coming. Many of us shoot DSLRs AND mirrorless systems, and want to see BOTH types of camera thrive...not everyone thinks in live-or-die terms with regards to other mirrorless systems, or DSLRs and mirrorless systems. Live and live is the best possible scenario for DSLRs and all mirrorless systems.

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