What is the definition of a professional wildlife photographer?

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Here's my take...

1. You have to make the majority of your money from that trade.

2. You have to obtain recognition from other professionals who do wildlife photography in that field.

For example, Art Morris is recognized as a Professional bird photographer. Yes, he has some income, I guess, from Canon, but he publishes articles and from what I can tell gets quite a bit of his income from workshops. The pros I know (I'm not one), get most of their income from Workshops and other educational gigs and they do publish. But to get to this point, you have to establish a reputation and there are numerous ways to do this. You might start at your local level. For example, doing competitions (and winning) and then entering national contests (and winning) is one way to get recognized.

I know National Geographic will now accept photos from non-staff members, but they need to be so unique that they stand out.

But again, you have to make a living off this, not just dapple, IMHO.

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