Why the Nikon 1 system does not sell well....

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Re: Why the Nikon 1 system does not sell well....

I think the major issue with the price isn't that it isn't worth to me what I had to pay for it (obviously it is or I wouldn't have bought it), but that I and most others perceive it as being 'unfairly' priced.

It took several months for me to decide there really wasn't a cheaper alternative for what I expected to get out of the V2, so I gritted my teeth and ordered. To my great surprise (and pleasure) the value of the V2 to my personal photography has far exceeded my expectations. As a result I don't feel badly about how much I had to pay, though I still feel in a sane world I would have spent $200 to $300 less for the same package.

Which brings us back to the major problems with N1 sales:

1) The system is not fairly priced

2) Nikon is doing a truly dreadful job in defending to the public their system and pricing

3) The reality is the N1 can be worth every penny spent on it, but you don't know until you actually have one and that price is a high hurdle to get over

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