Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

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Re: Speak for yourself only, please...I don't care about AF tracking speed. NT

peevee1 wrote:

David Kieltyka wrote:


And you still going to buy $1,500 E-M1 over now what, $800 E-M5? Why? And are YOU ALONE, or a few strange fellows like you, enough to pay for R&D of E-M1 then??

I have an E-M5 and no FT lenses yet I am on my local camera store for the E-M1.  The reasons are the built-in grip, the built-in VF4, the extra direct control buttons, the 1/8000 shutter speed, and full wifi control.  So far the more I find out about the E-M1 the more I like it.  I love my E-M5 and plan on keeping it and moving it status to back-up camera.  Now I sneak my wife's camera out for a back-up camera.  From the rumor features the E-M1 looks to be an excellent price and compair really well to the aps-c "pro-level" cameras like the 7D, D300s, or K5ii.

If the E-M1 is not the camera for you and you like the E-M5 then get the E-M5.  It is an excellent camera.

Only time will tell if the E-M1 will become a good enough seller to make a profit for Olympus.  Before the E-M5 reaced the market the talk on this forum is that it was too large and too expensive, yet it became a best seller for Olympus.


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