Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

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Gees, assumptions

peevee1 wrote:

David Kieltyka wrote:


And you still going to buy $1,500 E-M1 over now what, $800 E-M5? Why? And are YOU ALONE, or a few strange fellows like you, enough to pay for R&D of E-M1 then??

You sure like to make a lot of assumptions.

Hate to tell you but out of all the Oly users, the minority is here at DPR, not the majority. The cost of the EM1 might well be out of your range, cost is all relative. You do realise that in the Oly SLR forum here at DPR, a lot do use the expensive lenses, not what you use at all.

Funny I know, but some people actually can afford it and need it for what they take. To me personally the EM-5 does not appeal at all, the EM-1 does. Why ?? because it suits what I take. Cost, I certainly don't need to justify to you or anyone else.

I looked at the few shots you have in your gallery here at DPR, nice shots, but you simply do not have a need for the E-M1, its aimed at a totally different market and shooter altogether, you do not warrant it. But you need to get over that fact and just use what you want. My lenses each cost well above what I would ever spend on a camera, again that's not something you need, but a few of us do.

All the best and yep, use what you want, but don't knock those that need a different Oly to the EM-5. BTW, I use NEX, deep shock horror !!


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