Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

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Re: C-AF is not the only important thing...

daddyo wrote:

Focus tracking may be the most important thing for you, and it is important, but there are other important features -- including 4/3 lens focus speed and accuracy, along with better EVF, WiFi, the new battery grip, and the higher flash synch speed.

Remember that Olympus is attempting to lure more professional shooters and 4/3 lens owners into the Oly m4/3 camp with the E-M1, and the features (among others) I mentioned are likely to be just as important -- if not more so. Not to mention the 12-40mm and other fast lenses they are planning to release.

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Spot on. The only thing I'd add is that, speaking for myself, I'm looking forward to a body that can use *both* my mFT 75/1.8 *and* the FT 150/2 at their full capabilities.

To be able to use the best of both lens systems is a big win. I'm not expecting a 1Dx or D4 killer, but I do expect an E-5/E-M5 killer.

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