Discouraged by Pentax reliability

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Re: Discouraged by Pentax reliability

bkpix wrote:

I love using Pentax equipment but its reliability is very frustrating. Maybe it's just a run of bad luck. Or maybe it's time to go back to Canon....

Or Nikon.

I jumped and got a much larger range of affordably priced, large aperture zooms and primes.

Problem 1)   A new K200D which would not focus accurately on subjects in good light with certain lenses.  Those lenses would focus well on a K5.  Eventually refunded.

Problem 2) A new K-x which:

a)  chewed through batteries, especially in live view, at a prodigious rate.

b)  would not focus certain lenses well in good light.

c)  would focus extremely erratically in certain light.  I only found out a few weeks ago that that was a known problem under tungsten.  Not known to me at the time, though.

I sold it and all my lenses in disgust, after finding that most of my lenses were decentered, anyway.

Now a happy Nikon shooter.  Nikon lenses I have acquired seem to have no decentering issues.  Flash system works well.  Exposure is accurate.  No one looks down their nose at me.

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