Sony tries to make an NX20

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Re: Sony tries to make an NX20

Bit unfair comparing the budget $400 A3000 with the very expensive $1000 NX20. (These are the suggested retail prices).

I think Sony are trying to open up mirrorless to the more budget conscious market. Up to now the entry level DSLR/SLT has been the camera for people with limited funds. If the IQ is better than my A37 I may get an adapter and switch to it. I have bought my Alpha lenses for next to nothing and it is a very affordable route to APS-C photography in a way that NX is not.

Also the Sony stuff is very reliable and when you switch it on you know it will work perfectly until you switch it off. No pulling the battery. Not sure how the current stuff is but my NX11 was a shocker and once bitten twice shy.

Diacyclops81 wrote:

Admission: I have a NEX 5n. Wouldn't mind a Sony knockoff of a NX20 ( or NX30????)...but compare their A3000 with the features in the NX20...there's no articulating back, the lcd is low res, there's no IBIS for old timers like me with a bit of the shakes. DP initial impressions (and mine) are negative. Samsung has an open about a NX30 with quality construction, updated sensor etc. Sony seems rudderless, up the ante.

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