Lightroom 5 Questions! Please Help! First Timer!

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Re: Lightroom 5 Questions! Please Help! First Timer!

ernstbk wrote:

RunOrDie226 wrote:

Hello my fellow members,

I have just starting using Lightroom 5 and I have a few basic questions I am stumped on.

I was wondering why in the Library module, I don't see all of my preview's of my pictures. I see the ones that fill up the frame, but when I scroll down, I have to wait for them to load. But when I scroll back up, I have to wait for those pictures again. So how would I be able to show all previews? Also, regarding the Filmstrip, same situation applies. As I scroll to the right, I have to wait for those previews to finish loading, but when I scroll back, those already loaded previews have to be loaded yet again. I don't think it's my computer as I am using an SSD and i7 Processor.

Another question I had is that every time I open an image, I see the Histogram "calculating" and then once the picture finishes loading, the picture has the brightness, contrast, tone etc. all changed. How do I stop this automatic change and will stopping this automatic change allow me to see the picture faster, as it can be a pain opening thousands of images and waiting for each to finishing "calculating."

Appreciate the feedback!

I think we need some more information:

- What is your operating system ? Processor type and clock speed ? Memory size ?

- What do you mean with "every time I open an image" ? In which module ?

- Do you understand the differences between the Library and the Develop module and how each uses different previews and rendering ?

Also where are your catalog and previews files, and how much free space on that disk?

Normally they are here:

Catalog and previews should be in a folder on your fastest internal disk (so yes SSD is good), but that disk also needs lots of space - for the previews dependent of course on how many images you have imported into the catalog. As a reference I have 120k images in my catalog (typically those are 24MP 1:1), and my previews directory is around 60GB. My catalog file itself is around 1.6GB.

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