MPE-65mm macro lens

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For greatest control and consistency, I highly recommend setting the flash to Manual Power control. ETTL drives me crazy with its inconsistency.

In both flash metering modes? I find Eval is all over the place but Average works fine for me.

I think it depends on the camera. The 40D's light meter drove me insane, but the 1D MKIII is spot on (more sample points for the light meter in the MKIII).

True, my 450D was much more erratic than the 60D, but I don't think I tried Average mode on the former.

My 40D was worse that the 450D that I tried, but both were very problematic. So you're 60D isn't giving you consistent results either?

No, I don't have any problems with the 60D when I use Average flash metering mode, but I couldn't say whether that makes more or less difference than the camera. I did more extreme things with the 450D than I have done so far with the 60D, so I don't have a direct comparison.

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