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alexisgreat wrote:

How much does that converter sell for? I might want to look into that- it looks a lot better than Raynox's 2.2x- do you have that one too?

I Totally Agree Alex & Yes I Have BOTH a Raynox 1.54x 1540Pro AND Raynox 2.2x 2020Pro Telephoto Lenses. . .

I First Got the 2.2x but SOON Became Un-Excited by it's Lack of Enhancement & Soft Look. . .
The Good News is I picked it up Used on Ebay for $99 + $15 Shipping PLUS It came with a Hoya 82mm Polorizer Filter so I should be able to Eventually Sell it for what I put into it. . .
( It likely Works well with Cameras that Don't Have Such a High Magnification as the HS50EXR )

I was kind-a reluctant to buy another Raynox Lens but just happened to find a Used 1540Pro (1.54x) with a Funky Looking adapter with it. I ended up getting it for $32 & I'm Amazed at How Well It Works. This 1.54x Lens is MUCH SHARPER than the Raynox 2.2x
The 1540 is an Older Lens Model that has been Replaced by the Raynox 1541 & 1542 Models. . .
I can't find ANY Technically Defining Information for Differences between these models.
It's maybe different lens coatings or something as ALL Three of these 1.54x Models are Rated by Raynox as Having 340 Lines/mm of Resolution. ( The 2.2x Models are ALL Rated at 260 Lines/mm of Resolution )

I believe the Full Retail for the 1.54x New Models are ~ $279 ( I found one on Ebay for $179 and elsewhere for $213 )

Thanks for Your Comments & Cheers from Orion

btw : I'm Kinda Wild & Crazy about doing Lens Experiments & I've got an Adapter Ring ordered that Should Allow my HS50EXR with the 1540 Attached to ALSO Attach the 2020 for a Grand Total of 1000mm x 1.54x = 1,540mm X 2.2x = 3,388mm Pure Optical Zoom. . .

Quite Frankly I'm NOT Expecting Any High IQ Out of this Combination BUT It Will Be INTERESTING to Experience the RESULTS. "One for the Gipper" I'd say. . .
Step Two would be 3,388mm x 1.4x Digital Intel-Zoom = 4,743mmLens Experiment 
Step Three would be 3,388mm x 2x Digital Intel-Zoom = 6,776mmLens Experiment 

God Only Knows What Will Happen Next 

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