EOS M: Rodney Dangerfield of mirrorless?

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Re: EOS M: Rodney Dangerfield of mirrorless?

EvokeEmotion wrote:

Canon's mirrorless gets no respect anywhere, it seems.

With the EF-M lenses, that might occasionally happen because they are pretty compact and the unit is less recognizable unless you see the Canon logo.  But stick an L-Lens on it and people give you a double-take.  They recognize the L-Lens but they then wonder what the camera is that you are using it with.  Most of the shutterbugs I bump into will assume automatically that the body must be a good one if I've stuck an obscenely expensive lens on the end of it. But as I tell them (if they ask), the results from the native EOS-M lenses are just as good, if not smaller and even more affordably priced.

I've been reading the other mirrorless forums and when people compare the different formats of mirrorless, the M is always dismissed, trashed and laughed at, if not blatantly ignored by non M owners.

The M produces results indistinguishable from other APS-C DSLRs so there's not all that much for them to whine about.  Could also be a case of 'sour grapes' since the price of the EOS-M dropped so far.  But Canon were certainly late to the Mirrorless party.

When one of the regulars of the M forum try to defend it, they get the same treatment from these people as well.

Well, I imagine that going to someone else's house and telling them that their loungeroom smells is going to trigger some defensive reactions from them.  Most of the mirrorless crowd had good reason to adopt the other models before Canon came along with one of their own.  And they will now feel a need to justify their "other model" mirrorless cameras now.  Personally, I've never felt a need to visit the other forums unless I have a specific question about another brand that I need answered.  Otherwise, it might come across as "trolling" if you went to another mirrorless forum and showed them up.

I just wish Canon will strike back with a vengeance, releasing M bodies with blindingly fast AF, faster than any mirrorless out there, and other goodies. I also hope they release a slew of excellent EF-M primes and zooms with prices in line with the current EF-M lenses.

With Canons track record, they may not resort to anything over-the-top-amazing but I anticipate they'll produce some solid, sound products to do battle with.  If you put too much whizz-bang into a product, you know the shelf life is about two or three months before the competition pull off their own coup.

In other words, I want to see those arrogant M43 and NEX users drop their jaws.

They should drop their jaws already - especially when NEX users are claiming to get better results in some instances from the EOS-M.  But it's still early days.  We'll just have to wait for the EOS-M's second generation of cameras to be released in order to see what will happen. 
I still have friends and family asking why I don't use a DSLR body but I remind them that the EOS-M is a "fun camera" to use... so that's why I keep using it.  They usually like the shots too so that shuts them up.

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