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Re: Speak for yourself only, please...I don't care about AF tracking speed. NT

peevee1 wrote:

David Kieltyka wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

And you still going to buy $1,500 E-M1 over now what, $800 E-M5? Why? And are YOU ALONE, or a few strange fellows like you, enough to pay for R&D of E-M1 then??

Hey, I do get that some folks are incapable of grasping that the universe doesn't end at the tips of their own noses.


So, you decided to resort to personal attack instead of arguing your position in civilized manner. Well, FU then.

Why should he be arguing his position? There many definite advantages of E-M1 over E-M5 even not considering AF tracking. These should be obvious because these are mostly inherited from E-P5 with added VF-4, weather-sealing and PDAF for 4/3 lenses:
1/8000s shutter, better EVF and LCD, much smaller AF box, better grip and ergonomics, 2x2 control wheels, IBIS with auto-panning mode, customizable mode dial, Wi-Fi remote control, fast fousing with 4/3 lenses, even it's S-AF, plus I'm sure there is more that I didn't list.

For instance, there are no cameras cheaper than $1000 (except for E-P5) that can do 9FPS shooting with 1/8000s mechanical shutter, even without AF tracking.

If somebody doesn't appreciate these improvements and calls people who are ready to pay for them "strange", he/she definitely falls into "incapable of grasping that the universe doesn't end at the tips of their own noses" group of people.

And it's not personal at all because such group can be quite large. It doesn't matter whether you as a person belong to this group.

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