Discouraged by Pentax reliability

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Re: Discouraged by Pentax reliability

garyknrd wrote:

I have the exact same experience as you unfortunately. I finally just moved to Canon. My K-5 button fell off. Focus issues. Just an extremely poor built camera.

Umm. Pentax has had it's problems, but describing it as a poorly built camera seems a bit strong. There are some qualities to Pentax cameras that suggest the opposite. I do wish they would acknowledge, embrace, and correct their problems rather than ignore them.

I bought a 7D and never had a problem. Now use a IV and it is unreal to say the least compared to Pentax.

Well, the 1D, Mark IV is a top of the line, professional camera that cost @ $5k. It sure better be better.

And the so called Pentaxians are the real problem with Pentax. It is never Pentax fault and they always have a answer.

Have to agree with you somewhat here. Can't help but wonder if the Pentaxian apologist haven't given Pentax cover from producing a truly excellent product. People who loved/tolerated the buggy British sports car might be an apt comparison. Yet, that dynamic is decades old. Not sure it is viable for today.

I think Richo will put an end to most of the sorry build issues I hope. But most serious shooters have moved on long ago.

Now I feel deflated. Here I've been earning money shooting with Pentax, only to learn I'm not really serious. Should I refund my clients money?

Pentax will never be close to the big guys.

They could very easily equal and surpass them. In fact, in some qualities, they already do.

But I have fun buying one body every few years to play with. And use some Pentax glass with. But just for something to do. I know it will be poor compared the the others.

I know a few guys that use it strictly as a novelty now. Fond memories but that is it for me.

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