Why the Nikon 1 system does not sell well....

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Re: Why the Nikon 1 system does not sell well....

I have noticed that the lacklustre sales of Nikon 1 cameras and lenses have caused a number of stores in my area to stop stocking and selling any Nikon 1 items. If fewer retailers sell a system then the result will be decreased overall sales for that system in the future. Nikon has to do something to woo those retailers and get them back into the Nikon 1 fold.

I agree that initial pricing of the cameras is a big part of the problem. Given the prices and feature sets of competing mirrorless cameras (and even Nikon's D3xxx and D5xxx DSLRs), the Nikon 1 cameras are too expensive at the start for the features that they have. I have recently seen the Nikon V2 with kit lens selling locally for around $750. That price seems to me to be a much more reasonable starting price than $900. Perhaps the V2's successor should be priced at $600-700 with a 10-30mm kit lens - unless Nikon decides to add some pretty skookum features that makes it truly competitive with better-specified mirrorless cameras like the OM-D E-M5 or NEX 6 that initially commanded prices (with kit lenses) that were not much higher than $900.

But another big problem with the system is that Nikon doesn't seem to know what types of photographers will actually buy Nikon 1 equipment. I think they have been aiming the system at compact-camera users, hoping that they would get the urge to upgrade to a "better camera". But those of us who are singing the praises of the Nikon 1 system and buying the products are enthusiasts, many of us looking for smaller and lighter alternatives to DSLRs and their lenses. Nikon needs to aim the system more at enthusiasts by putting in features and controls into the higher-end model that appeal to enthusiasts. It would also help if they would keep the model differentiation simple and easy to understand. Was there a real reason to create the S1 when brand new J1s are still in stock and collecting dust in warehouses and on store shelves?

Camera prices aside, one thing I must admit that IS good about the Nikon 1 system is that the 1 Nikkor lenses are very good and are (mostly) very reasonably priced.

I hope that Nikon does a careful and accurate "evaluation" of the Nikon 1 system. It's a good system with lots of potential, in spite of what the system's critics say. I want to see it survive.

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