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Re: I wonder why?

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Ok ladies and gents time to put on your thinking cap and pitch some ideas for the titles of some upcoming Al Jazeera TV programs.

I will start:

How I Stoned Your Mother

The Really Big Bang Theory

How to deprogram dumbfuk rednecks who have not read or watched much other than The Bible and Fox News.

I'm catching a really negative vibe from you Collett. . . . . .

Don't like negative stereotypes when they hit close to home Itchhh? Neither do I.

While I do not watch Al Jazeera, they have a reputation for being more accurate and less biased than either Fox or MSNBC.

Much like RT News? Or theTehran Times?

Have either of those received Colombia Universities top Journalism Award or these awards ?

"The furor over anti-Israel bias at Columbia University deepened when four more students came forward to document failures by the university administration to respond to charges of academic intimidation by faculty."

I was not aware of this. Thanks. That said, do you have any doubts about who really has more influence in media - The Arabs/Muslims or the Jews (see also)? And do you deny the pervasive influence of AIPAC on US foreign policy and aid? (see Source 1 , Source 2 Source 3 and the .pdf in this link for a detailed article).

I for one welcome a counter balance to the above and the likes of Fox News using fear and content selection that promotes prejudice against Arabs and Muslims in order to justify our foreign policy and the invading their countries and trying to get the resources on the cheap.

Off topic. Lighten up , have you no sense of humor at least one time.

The problem with jokes is that they tend to desensitize people, and if heard enough they become subconsciously part of our belief system - like a habit if you will. I have seen it in my life w/r/t gays and African Americans.

Since the post you are replying to is about the double standard between how the American public perceives the influence of Muslim/Arab media vs Jewish/Israel influences, how do you think this thread would have gone over if it was a joke about The Jews in media?

Ok. How many Jews does it take too screw in a lightbulb. Eight, one to hold the bulb and seven to spin the ladder around. Collett just guessing but did you grow up in a hate filled family, Arab American, no hobbies or just plain hate Jews, white males and the American way. You want people to understand you. Why? You think we are mindless idiots skipping along while you have all the answers?  I could care less if  you hate Orangutans that have a deeper reddish brown coat than the norm. I'll help you out with some humor the OP asked for:


Gone With The Sand Storm

Is that neutral enough for you?

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