Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

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Re: Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

peevee1 wrote:

Jon Stock wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

... its AF tracking speed.

If it can do reliable 9+ fps tracking with 90-20/2.8, it competes with $6,700 1Dx (+ $13K 200-400/4 1.4 Extender to replace that $6,000 90-250).

If it can only do 4 fps or not reliable, it competes with $1,500 6D or even cheaper 70D/D7100 (and loses to the latter for the sports, and there are other cameras like E-M5 which are perfectly good if you don't need sports).

This also depends on the AF motor inside the 90-250mm, 7-14mm, and the 35-100. None focus as fast as the 14-35mm f2 SWD.

The thing about tracking is that AF speed does not have to be lightning-fast, it is only has to be as fast as the fore-aft component of the speed of the object you are tracking, and at long distances (at which lenses like 90-250 are mostly used) this speed is very slow.


"Olympus's exclusive SWD-driven ultra-fast AF system, a mechanically interlocked manual focusing mechanism"

The 12-50mm SWD and 50-200mm SWD will also benefit fully from camera body AF upgrades. The 12-60mm and 50-200mm have always been a very sweet setup in terms of performance, size and cost. They will be a good pair of lenses for m4/3 users who are willing to carry such "large" lenses.

People who can carry large Olympus lenses upwards of $1,000 will only carry them if they are significantly cheaper than similar lenses for Canon and Nikon and Sony and Pentax. It is not like Oly exists in vacuum, and if it cannot offer something better than competitors or cheaper than competitors or both, they will fail. That is how market works.

Stores will carry the lenses that sell.

If the AF is good enough there may be a lot of built up demand from 4/3 owners who have been unwilling to put more money into a system that has been declared dead.

The question is how many m4/3rds owners will buy larger better quality lenses. Many come from large systems and have chosen to downsize for the smaller lenses. Some may be willing to carry one or two larger specialized lenses.

The SHG lenses will continue to be rare exotics.

Just like E-M1 at this price if it nor better for sports than $500 k-30.

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