Let's make WiFi much more useful !

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Re: Let's make WiFi much more useful !

I've think everybody have missed one important thing. The existing Samsung NX camera system was not a Smart Mobile OS camera. Saying so mean,

1.They are built-in with camera makers own simple camera system/OS, not something like an smart mobile OS like Google Android OS or others.

2. They have limited hardwares speed, RAM and storage for their simple system/OS to run more program.

3. The simple camera system does not possess the ability to run multi-task and in the background. That's also the reason why each time when we activating current NX camera Wi-Fi features, we'll saw the processing screen, and also the closing screen when we exiting the feature.

I know there's many frustration and I am not defending Samsung, but given the limitation and the current low price we pay for it, there's something we need to accommodate with.

If we look at Canon camp, their 5D3 users need to pay for around US$800 just to have the WFT-7E Wifi kits alone.

And if we take a look at Sony camp, even their latest NEX-5T didn't have more control in their smartphone remote apps (Android only for now).

I've believed that Samsung collected tonnes of their customers feedback, that's why they've released the Galaxy NX camera. It's a World 1st Digital Single Lens camera with Android Smart Mobile OS that allow lots of posibility. I've also strongly believe there's lots of improvements need to be make to the Smart OS camera down the road in the next couple of years.

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