Help needed with 18-55 on D5100

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Re: Help needed with 18-55 on D5100

Nexu1 wrote:

msstella wrote:

BlueJakester wrote:

The 18-55 kit lens is not worth using, IMO. It's just not sharp enough. You would be much better off with the Nikon 35mm f/1.8 prime for $200, and let your feet do the zooming.

Thanks BlueJakester. I have that lens and it is a great lens. Sometimes it is just not wide enough and no funds for high priced wide angle that I will not use often.

here are a few snapshots for you. Literally snapshots taken at the side of the road today. One is the 18-55, which gives you a comparison of the type of results I get with mine to compare with your version. The other is the 35mm f1.8G. Which is which? Hmmm.... You can decide if the 35mm blows out the 18-55 to the point that the 18-55 isn't even worth using.

edit: just for the record, the only processing done to these was importing the RAW to LR4, click the box for lens correction, bump sharpening from 25 to 40, set noise reduction to 30. Both photos got the same treatment, in other words, the 18-55 wasn't "helped" by adding contrast or sharpening or saturation, etc...

definitely better than my defective lens.

they are indeed very close...and I think it would serve my landscape shot needs...if I can get Nikon to repair or replace.

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