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Took a look at FZ200 in IR's 'comparometer' to see what kind of resolution we're talking about here. The resolution test chart is shot at f/4 (DoF/diffraction equivalent to f/22 on FF and f/11 on mFT), and I'd say that the resolution is about 2200 lw/pH. Not that bad for a sensor with 3000 vertical pixels.

The question is how that resolution would fare against a camera with a FF system at f/22 sharpened to the same degree.

You know me -- I'm quite the fan of the FZ200 and quite the fan of putting anything I say to the test.

So, if you can sport me links to a photo from the FZ200 at f/4 (or any other superzoom) and a RAW (DSLR jpg engines don't sharpen like compact jpg engines) photo of the same scene from FF at f/22, I'll be happy to process the FF photo and post a comparison.

Here's the link you need for the FZ200. Take your pick among the RAWs available on that page and find the corresponding one for the the FF camera you want to compare with.


In general, just find the IR review of the camera you are interested in, then click on "Samples" in the top menu and then on "Thumbnails" in the menu that appears below the topmost one.

Those are all at f/4, which is fine, but where do I find f/22 pics on FF? I found this, for example:


but nothing at f/22.

There is a 6D RAW image of a building outdoors shot at f/22 and the same with FZ200 at f/4.

May I trouble you for direct links?  It's embarrassing, but I'm not able to find the photos you're talking about.

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