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Re: Beware the Unique and Mysterious Prisms of Perceptual Minds ...

knickerhawk wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Thus, it appears that the lower that you report your own-success rate to be, the better a photographer you are ! So, let's see who dares to claim the lowest success-rate! ...

I've never made a photograph with which I'm fully satisfied. I must be a freakin' genius!

The more self-critical (every bit content-ually, as well as "techincally") that I am in viewing my own photographic efforts, the more that I feel that - when my luck happens to be that the "shot found me", and my heart mysteriously resonates with my chosen perspective and framing of the all-important subject(s) and the nature of the illumination upon such subject(s) - I have nothing to say (or to apologize for) if others may themselves not "find their own poetry" within what my own eyeballs and perceptual mind happen to like or dislike.

It is (after all) "their own poetry" (and not the author's, or the photog's, or the technician's). Premises that I find absurdly obtuse are false assumptions that aesthetics could/would be "uniform".

Superiority over inferiority...

The redundancy of the above phrase belies a certain doubt that such roles would remain hierarchical.

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