Choosing between Nikon D5200 or Sony NEX6

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Re: Decide for yourself......

Caerolle wrote:

Yes, each of us has to decide what is important to them and what they want to shoot. The dSLRs I have used certainly achieve focus fast, like instantly, while my mirrorless takes longer, and often wont even get focus. On the other hand, when I compare the same shots from the two, the focus is always sharper on my mirrorless. If you have a camera that you can adjust microfocus, and are inclined to do that, I guess you can get there (except for zooms that have focus shift with focal length, or with stopping down), but I prefer my mirrorless, for what I do. If I was taking a lot of pictures of things that moved, I'd likely be more inclined to use a dSLR.

MFA only helps to calibrate lens to the body. It does nothing for PDAF area choosing a wrong feature to lock onto (nose vs eyes). I think a lot of misfocused DSLR shots is due to the way AF works. There's a reason why all the higher end lenses on CaNikons have full time manual focus ring. When I wanted to make absolutely sure that I got a sharp shot on my Canon DSLR (and if I had time) I would use magnified Live View and manually focus. Peaking makes it so much easier.

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