DXO RX1R Lens Tested

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Re: DXO RX1R Lens Tested

Steve D4 RX 1 wrote:

If the "R" is indeed sharper at f2 - f5.6 that works great for me. At the distance I shoot from at concerts, and with the low light levels necessitating using those apertures in many cases it's a win for my particular needs. Even if I have more light I use those apertures to help minimize distracting backgrounds.

So low light photographers should see benefits also?


It very well could be better for your shooting style, or may create increased moire in the fabrics worn by the musicians.  Buy it and let us know your thoughts!

Sorry, we must have been posting at the same time; I do own an RX1R. As far as missing the moire in my photos, I guess the increase in sharpness is more evident.

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