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Kim R wrote:

others say my experience with the 4900 is quite different. I have had it for 20 months and love it.

I have not had problems with clogging. I do make sure that I print once ever 4 or 5 days ...often just a card or a print pattern test.

As far as the switching from photo blk to matte blk I consider there is none. Push a button and it is done. I suppose if one was switching often back and forth then there may be an ink loss issue but I just do not do that. I set up my matte printing sessions and print them and then the photo blk session, etc.

Not saying buy the referb but...

So far (knock on wood) I love this printer and the output.

You are indeed one of the few lucky ones. As I said, this printer family ( X900 ) needs to be used on a regular basis and apparently you have found the correct amount of work to keep it going. If you let it sit for weeks on like a lot of people tend to do because of trips and such. You will end up with a printer that will not be able to be revived by performing simple cleaning cycles.

The only remedy will be a total refurbishing of the printer. Thus the reason for these units showing up on EBAY.

The HDR ink set of the X900 family is about the only way to almost print the complete Adobe RGB color space. Not 100% still, but it's pretty much the best there is.

If only these printers were as reliable as the PRO 3800 and 3880 line!


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