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inhaliburton wrote:

Thanks for that. I haven't pulled the trigger yet. The vendor tells me the 4900 likes to be "used" on a very regular basis.
I have a Canon iPF-5100 with a clogged head that needs replacing and the tanks are very low on ink. It has been lightly used. The original starter carts, and a second set dated May of 2010 It was purchased in the fall of 2008. It's free to anyone who wants to pick it up.

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What they really mean is DAILY use as in printing several large prints a day! The reason there are refurbished, is simple. These printers are malfunctioning almost universally. The lines, dampers and heads will clog if you do not print DAILY!

These printers have had the heads replaced and hopefully ( thought hey have not yet admitted that there is even a problem ) repaired any problems and made it a more reliable printer.  They are likely taking a huge loss as the repairs cost as much as a new one.

If you are using one of a printing shop environment that has the work volume to keep this beast clog free it is a great printer. The output is magnificent! But you simply can not just print a few prints once a week. Nope!


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