Any info that indicates the NEX 7 upgrade will be bundled with 16-70

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Re: Any info that indicates the NEX 7 upgrade will be bundled with 16-70

blue_skies wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

I'm sure I missed it if something was posted... but, have any rumors, leaks, etc indicated that the NEX 7 upgrade will be bundled with the 16-70? I'm hoping for a bundled price of $1999 or less -- realistic or no?

Zeiss lenses in a bundle for a discount? I don't think so.

The only thing that I have seen Sony do is to discount their bodies at the end of the life-cycle, and then offer a 'bundle' discount on a major bundle - e.g. you can get $700 off if you bundle the A99 with other lenses (certain rules) - now you have a discount that applies to the Zeiss lenses.

Sony can discount the new Nex-7 by e.g. 20% at the end of next year, giving you a $300 discount under the same rules.

Their 'kit' lenses come in bundles - as they were designed for 'low cost'. E.g. the recent Nex-3N can be had with the E1650 for little more than the E1650 alone.

Doubtful to see such deals on Zeiss lenses, ever..

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Yeah, probably a little too optimistic but one can hope . I will say that Sony did break the kit lens trend with the A77+16-50 f2.8 so you never know.  Also, the A99 with CZ 24-70 is $700 off right now but the A99 has been out for a while.

I also didn't realize that the $1500 price was already leaked/confirmed. I expected it to be around $1399.

I do think that the price of the upgraded NEX 7 will have to be carefully considered with the full frame model on the horizon. Nikon surprised a lot of people with the low price on the D600 and I think it was necessary so that the price wasn't too close to the D800.

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