Choosing between Nikon D5200 or Sony NEX6

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Your talking about your wishlist not that of the fast majority mr hyenadog

Dear hyenadog.

Read your reply again and look at the other brands. Show me one lens in the 16-70 range that is faster then the Zeiss lens, and not larger. Yes you claim that nobody will buy this lens in combintion with the ILCE-3000, you are right, but there are other cameras (Nex5/6/7) out there that are better suited for this lens.

You claim that the Zeiss lens is irrelevant to the fast majority of the Nex users, but you are forgetting the large group of owners that asked for a lens like this and they are willing to pay for it too. So Sony does it best to help all customers, not only you.

You claim, without any proof, that Sony will ditch the Nex for the ILCE range. Nor Sony, nor any rumor side claims this is true, you are spreading a false rumor, making people uneasy about the Nex, what is probebly based on wrong thinking of you.

You claim that f/4 lenses are useless indoor, at teater stage and sports. Probably you never tried it. I read today on this forum a person who uses a f/4 zoom lens as only lens when (semi) professionaly taking pictres of plays. On stage there is often more light then people think and, as I said befor f/4 is just 1 stop faster as f/2.8. So you can take a lot of very nice pictures, using a slower shutterspeed or a one stop faster ISO setting.

You claim you need a fast tele prime for taking shots of your children at play, well the professiona I mentioned before was saying something completely different. He tells that a f/4 zoom lens is better for stage then a prime as you can make frame the picture better with a zoom lens, he uses a 18-105 f4 lens on APS camera. But when you realy think you need the prime well maybe you are stupid for buying a camera that does not have that lens... And then you are complaining that the size of the camera is most important, but at the same time you want large lenses (fast teleprimes can't be small), again this makes you maybe more stupid then the buyers of the ILC-3000 camera.

On the other hand, by the lens roadmap from Sony there is a tele prime lens due this year, so maybe your wish will be granted. I can't tell anything about that lens as I don't work for Sony.

You say: For Sony's benefit - think about who buys the vast majority of the NEX's and what they are used for ..

Well maybe, just maybe your use of the camera is not that of the majority. Maybe, just maybe, the majority wants zoom lenses. Sony did a good job with pleasing them, giving them the kit zooms (18-55 and 55-210mm) covering the whole range they normaly need. Then they come with some 18-200 (the smaller Tamron version is not much larger then the 55-210) and now with some lenses for the more demanding people. A group that have bought the Nex 6 and 7 and want matching zoom lenses.

And for the 85 f/2 lens? Well again it is prommised to come this year, maybe it is announced with the nex 7 successor...

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