Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

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Re: More complex than that ...

s_grins wrote:

Jeff wrote:

s_grins wrote:

Jeff wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

... its AF tracking speed.

If it can do reliable 9+ fps tracking with 90-20/2.8, it competes with $6,700 1Dx (+ $13K 200-400/4 1.4 Extender to replace that $6,000 90-250).

If it can only do 4 fps or not reliable, it competes with $1,500 6D or even cheaper 70D/D7100 (and loses to the latter for the sports, and there are other cameras like E-M5 which are perfectly good if you don't need sports).

That would be great, but it's not the only thing that matters.

If the rumor sites are to be believed, then the E-M1 looks like a big deal for Oly. If the legacy glass does in fact focus as quickly as mFT, then in one fell swoop Oly has added a whole range of glass to their camera lineup. They can make a strong case for offering a modern, forward looking system meeting a wide range of customer needs that includes working pros.

Being widely perceived as a viable system for wedding, PJ, commercial, and event photographers would be a big win for Oly. They don't need to replace D4's on the side lines of NFL games to have a hit on their hands.

Jeff, I can't agree.

All other mixed AF cameras, - Nikon 1 and recent Canon, do not combine PDAF and CDAD. They use either one at the time. I think that older 43 lenses would not work with CDAF.

Perhaps I'm reading the rumors wrong, but isn't the idea of the E-M1 to include PDAF in addition to CDAF? If so, it seems plausible that the older 43 lenses would be focused PDAF style, or perhaps with some new hybrid algorithm. Just hitting E-5 speed would seem like a big win for Oly for a lot of applications.

Am I reading your note wrong?

But I agree that situation could be more complex than that

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Looking for equilibrium...

You're reading rumors right. You're reading my note wrong.

The only point of my reply was that there is a huge chance that older M43 lenses could use only PDAF. I believe that PDAF can't be combined with CDAF. You (or camera automatics) will select what AF to use. Speed of PDAF still remains to be confirmed, because this PDAF is different from traditional

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Looking for equilibrium...

Why would the older 4/3 lenses (I believe you meant 4/3, not m43) only use PDAF.  The only difference between the older and newer lenses, that were optimized for CDAF, was the reduction in mass that was required to move in order to focus.  Less mass = faster focus.  Obviously, faster motors, etc help, but there is no technical reason why the lenses couldn't use CDAF (in fact they do on m43 cameras.

The PDAF could easily augment CDAF for focus by telling the camera the distance to the focus point.  The camera could then use CDAF for fine tuning the focus when possible.  I'm still skeptical that the performance will meet the fastest DSLRs for tracking C-AF, but I'm betting on a huge improvement in speed with a hybrid AF system.

Am I still missing your point?

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