Another try with the olympus BCL 15mm f/8 - c & c please

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Good, but needs contrast

In general, I like it, especially the B&W version. The crop works for me - you get rid of the extra stuff & focus on the main area of interest. You also did a good job of picking up the shadows. The color version has too much which is too dark. But, as others have noted, the B&W lacks contrast. What I would try (I'm still on PS-CS2) would be to start with a look at the Levels adjustment. Is there unused space at the dark or light ends? Does moving the middle slider help? If no luck there, I'd try the Curves adjustment.

As for the BCL: (I have it) It depends on what you want to do with the picture. For anything other than printing big or other situations which demand high resolution, it will probably work. The FOV has potential, and you used it well in this situation. It is not a particularly sharp lens, and the softness is visible on the corners. But do you care given what you will do with the pic? I've been amazed looking at my old pics from my 35mm from the film days. Even at screen resolution they look soft compared to my current digital shots, but I did and still do love some of the images (& hey, in the old days I projected the slides on a six foot wide screen!) Of course, any other MFT lens will give better image quality, and the zooms are more versatile. So what?

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