Choosing between Nikon D5200 or Sony NEX6

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Get the D5200 for the cheaper, more plentiful lenses and flash system

I'm sure the NEX-6 is a fine camera, but the D5200 would be my choice for the cheaper and overall better lenses.  F-mount is probably the best supported mount in the world and buying into it not only gives the options for some awesome inexpensive primes like the 35 1.8 DX and 50 1.8G, but there have been some wonderful third party lenses released recently like the Sigma 18-35 f/1.8, one of the sharpest zooms ever made.

Flash system with the Nikon CLS is another huge plus for the Nikon system.  The Nikon flashes are great, can be fired from the D5200.  And there are tons of great lower cost options like the Yongnuo 565 EX, which works really well with their inexpensive wireless triggers.  I have two of these that I use on stands with umbrellas and it's a very nice budget "strobist" kit.

I checked out the D5200 at Costco last week and I was pretty impressed with it.  The fully articulating LCD is extremely sharp, and the grip feels good.

If you don't need the smallest body, you could also consider the D7100 (or a refurbished D7000) which is an absolutely fantastic body with a gorgeous, bright 100% Pentaprism finder.  But the D5200 VF is not bad at all and of the smaller Nikon bodies, it's my favorite.

Best of luck,


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