M43 seems more and more overpriced compared to NEX

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Re: M43 seems more and more overpriced compared to NEX

jagge wrote:


Did just see the announcements from Sony and have to say that the m43 system seems more and more overpriced compared to the NEX system. See the new nex5t a very competetive sensor, and the new entry level model, with a very capable sensor as well.

Compare that to the EP5 and the GX7. I know maybe not a completely fair comparisson but not far off, the prices are though.

You can always replace $700 (with kit zoom) Nex-5t with, I don't know, $500 GF6 or E-PL5 (or E-PL6 if it available in your country). Even $199 GX1 is not far off for a body.

And the cheap sigma primes are a super match for the aps-c sensor, not as much the m43.

Non-kit lens prices on m43 are insane. Well, NEX Zeiss 24mm is even more insane, significantly more.

I am a m43 supporter BUT I do think that it gets less and less competetive compared to nex.

Not every NEX, just NEX-6 which has become a very good value after prices fell below $800.

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