Epson 4900 "Factory Refurbished" printer...

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Re: Epson 4900 "Factory Refurbished" printer...

inhaliburton wrote:

Thanks for that. I haven't pulled the trigger yet. The vendor tells me the 4900 likes to be "used" on a very regular basis.
I have a Canon iPF-5100 with a clogged head that needs replacing and the tanks are very low on ink. It has been lightly used. The original starter carts, and a second set dated May of 2010 It was purchased in the fall of 2008. It's free to anyone who wants to pick it up.

Likewise a 5100,  going strong after two and a half years, never a nozzel check or forced cleanings - simply leave it on to do its self-maintenence. And previously an iPF 5000 with five years and several thousand sq ft printed before head failures.

I suspect you'll be better off in the long run replacing the heads yourself for $900, getting   an Epson 3850, or a new iPF5100 than a refurb'd 4900. Are you aware of the hassle and considerable ink expense of switching matte and photo blacks in the 4900?


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