Diffraction Limit

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Re: Yep.

Not arguing because you agree - indeed, the tone of my voice didn't get conveyed well there!

The rest of this should all be vocalised in a laid-back and light conversational tone...

I'd disagree with the smaller format always being better. It's usually lighter, which is good, but I still see noise and/or noise reductions artifacts at base ISO on the GH3 which are simply not there on the Canon FF. Not that I can't get great shots with the GH3...

As to diffraction, in the real World I find having a mental view of apertures not to go below without careful consideration to be a useful concept in m43 (but less so in FF due to the wider range of apertures available, well unless m43 users are shooting bokehramas, but after trying it I find that really needs FF). You could see it as a limit of some sort...

BTW I suspect you'll have significant difficulty spotting diffraction blur in anything FF at f2.8 or less for real-World photographs. It's a scientific point, but not really important to people taking photographs, IMHO.

Finally I personally really think when people (generally, not meaning you in particular, I just have a bugbear here, so thought I'd say where I'm coming from) are talking about sharpness and blur using a CoC (or whatever) that assumes a certain size print viewed at a certain distance by someone with a certain standard of eyesight they shouldn't generalise, as, for example, someone who has done a big crop to zoom will see something different.

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