Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

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Re: You obviously aren't aware of....

Pete Berry wrote:

...the extraordinary Oly 4/3 lenses this opens up to be used with a state-of-the-art m4/3 sensor.

Right, I am not aware about them because I talked about them right in my post.

Who else has fixed f/2.0 zooms covering 28-70, and 70-100mm, that are of unparalled quality? A

I have news for you - if you don't care about AF speed/tracking, you can use them right now, not waiting for $1,500 E-M1, even on, mmm, $199 GX1.

hand-holdable 300mm/2.0 equivalent amont the world's few almost perfect lenses?

$2,500 lens. Which, if you don't care about 9fps+ tracking, can be replaced by $769 200mm/2.8L on $1,500 6D with 1.4x teleconverter. Or $1,200 Pentax 200mm/2.8 on $500 k-30 even without teleconverter. Or easily bested by $1,350 300mm/f4 on 6D even without teleconverter. And they all will be lighter too. Now add 9fps+, and the only competition are big and expensive 1Dx and D4.

A 600mm/2.8 that doesn't need wheels?

You mean 300/2.8? $7,000 lens. Can be replaced by $6,300 Canon 400mm f/4 DO on D6 with 1.4x teleconverter. And frankly, this one does not make much sense at this price in light of much more versatile 90-250/2.8 for $6,000. Need extra 50mm - crop just a tiny bit.

Or the more mundane, but still quite excellent 24-120mm/2.8-4.0,

This one would be better release in native m43 mount, it would be smaller and cheaper and everybody asked for it for the last 4 years, instead they released slow 12-50 and prepare shortish 12-40.

or the 100-400mm/2.8-3.5 that's an excellent 800mm/7.1 with the EC-20 2X extender?

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