Choosing between Nikon D5200 or Sony NEX6

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Re: Decide for yourself......

RonFrank wrote:

One advantage evident here is all of Mel's shots are done in bright sunlight on a 35' boat. When shooting in mixed light and especially low light with potential focus points from a few feet thru infinity the AF will miss more.

I certainly agree there is a learning curve.

Unfortunately there is a real issue here with mirrorless AF. The AF on a DSLR is a non issue, so much that it is rarely discussed outside of tricky or difficult focus subjects like BIF. This is why I suggested the Op needs to make up his own mind.

From everything I read the jury is still out, and the AF system is not bulletproof. I am thinking of getting the 6 for every day used with the kit lens, so compact. Then the DSLR for when the subject matter is more challenging. For a carry everywhere camera the results do not have to be perfect, and I want compact and light.

First, I disagree that AF on DSLR is a non issue. It's certainly works much faster to lock on object in low light, however in my experience it's also more prone to lock on a wrong part of the subject (at least when comparing to CDAF on Nex F3, perhaps the PDAF has the same issues on Nex 6 ?) But yes, overall the AF on DSLRs is faster and better in low light.

However, the strongest part of Nex for me is the focus peaking. I am shooting lots of portraits and getting eyes in focus has sometimes been a struggle with DSLR, no matter how good the AF on them is, the only sure way to get a sharp portrait was to manually adjust the focus. The peaking on Nex makes it very easy.

So, DSLR = better focusing on moving objects, Nex = better focus on still objects and portability, I think Nex + LAEA2 = best of both worlds.

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