M43 seems more and more overpriced compared to NEX

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Re: I don't think so...

papillon_65 wrote:
That's a matter of opinion of course. There are plenty of EOS-M user not having those problems, myself included, just check in the EOS-M forum. It's easy if you are struggling to focus, you just use the magnify option, not really that hard but most of the time it's no problem, all contrast detect systems struggle at times.

How I know you're not shooting moving subjects: you have time to magnify with an EOS-M and think most of the time, it's no problem. Contrast detect systems do all struggle at times. But the EOS M phase detection is close to awful (esp w/ the 22mm), whereas I have no problems getting great shots of moving subjects on my E-PM2 all day (w/ my 17mm). EOS-M struggles with cat pictures in indoor lighting at night. Do you really think that's acceptable for a modern premium camera?

It's not much different from many CSC camera's who's prices have also nosedived within the year. It also does something that has taken Olympus several years to crack, it also focuses EF lenses pretty decently and accurately.

Really? Not from videos I've seen. I've seen many videos of how awful an L lens focuses on the EOS-M. Compared to how it focuses on any SLR, it's pretty awful. And yes, some CSCs have nosedived during the year. But cameras such as the GH3 and EM5 have stayed near the same. On the other side of things, the X-E1 hasn't nose-dived either. Cameras that were well thought out and introduced a unique, pleasant user experience have not nosedived.

That aside, consider this, Olympus are releasing the E-M1 and it will cost in the region of £1200 at least. Canon have already released the EOS 100D which you can get for a third of the price and it does most of what the E-M1 is reported to do already. It has the advantages of both mirrorless and mirrored cameras and also has an ovf. It has dual focusing and can take a massive range of lenses as well as the newer STM lenses for video. They're not so dissimilar in many ways and if you're on a budget which one would you buy?

No 5-axis IBIS, though, so I don't know what "most of" you're talking about. That's not a feature you can currently get on a camera less than $900. In any case, you're comparing the most expensive Olympus w/ the cheapest Canon, and which camera would you rather have in the rain?

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