Epson 4900 "Factory Refurbished" printer...

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Pete Berry Senior Member • Posts: 2,914
Re: Epson 4900 "Factory Refurbished" printer...

inhaliburton wrote:

Has anyone had any experience with these "factory refurbished" printers?

Any ideas under what circumstance Epson gets these printers to "refurb?" I'm wondering if they are "well used."

I have one on order from:

They still have about 6 left in stock.

Thanks for any input

I would be very wary about any 4900 bargain refurbished printer. Although some users seem to have had good experiences, the forums are replete with terrible experiences of intractable clogging of new printers and multiple returns - one individual with four returned before giving up. I assume the replacements are previously returned machines, and I seriously doubt they have had the prindheads replaced, as this is a very pricey  parts and labor job.

There seems to be a systemic problem with the x900 printers in general with printhead problems - very unlike the 3800 series with many more sold, and rare problems.

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