Choosing between Nikon D5200 or Sony NEX6

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I am returning D5200

My F3's AF died recently, so I decided to go with D5200 based on all the reviews, and hoping to get better AF speed and reliability even at a cost of a larger body. I also hoped for better SOOC Jpegs.

I was thoroughly disappointed.

Both the Jpegs and RAW out of D5200 are soft. Part of it may be due to the poor image quality of kit lenses, but the overall softness seems to be a common complaint about D5200. I am not buying another $500 lens just to test if this would make the softness go away.

I didn't like the JPEGs of Sony much, but the Nikon JPEGs are even worse - in my opinion. Especially in dim light, where the camera is supposed to shine. Sony creates reddish skin tint. Nikon is greenish. Sony has awful NR artefacts that destroy shadow detail. Nikon doesn't bring shadows up enough to show the detail. Nikon's built in flash is untiltable and at default setting is too strong, still not nearly as good as the Canon ETTL. Finally, Nikon menus are a cluster @@@@. I am sure that much of this can be changed in settings somewhere, but this still wouldn't make the softness go away.

In the end, I put both cameras in auto mode and blasted away in various lighting conditions, with my Minolta MD 35-70/3.5 Macro and the better of two Nikon lenses (55-300VR) both set at 55mm and f6 (to make sure that Nikon was at least somewhat stopped down). I don't use Auto but I wanted to see if Nikon would produce better SOOC shots in same conditions. It didn't. I already know what I can get from Sony when using Raw. Not worth switching, to me at least.

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