Nikkor 10-100 VR or PD

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Re: Nikkor 10-100 VR or PD


I accidentally ordered the wrong hood for it and got the hood for the 10-100PD. Boy! The PD must be huge on the V1/V2 - the hood looked like it would almost fit on my 18-200vr.

As for flash, the built-in V2 flash shadows on just about anything wide. I use the SB-N5 flash, and I really like that little gem.

Seems to me that video is the only reason to go for the PD.

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The V1/SBN-5 shadows with 10-100 PD with hood. It is a pretty big lens so as a "walk around" it is not that great. I like the lens but I do video and I'm used to the weight.

I don't know how smooth the zoom is on the 10-100VR but I can't zoom smoothly enough on the 30-110VR for video. None of my other N1 lenses are noticeably noisy on focus but the PD is silent.

So the only two reasons to go PD is video and price. I think it's down to $300 or something.

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