M43 seems more and more overpriced compared to NEX

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Re: I don't think so...

papillon_65 wrote:

mpgxsvcd wrote:

The only company that doesn't compete very well right now is Canon.

Not when you can pick up an EOS-M and 22mm F2 for peanuts. The IQ is excellent and it will fit in a smallish pants pocket no problem. Not forgetting that you can buy an adaptor and use all your EF/S lenses on it. Canon also offer many more choices of decent lenses at low prices, for instance I picked up a 55-250mm lens for £109 and I'll take that lens over the m4/3's 40/45-150mm range lenses all day long, it's an amazing lens for the price. Then there's the G1-X, another superb camera for a very reasonable price now, beats any m4/3's camera and kit lens combination by a country mile.
There's definitely value in Canon if you know where to look. Like any manufacturer, wait for 9 months to a year and prices drop significantly, be an early adopter and pay through the nose.

667....neighbour of the beast.

Terrible example. The only reason why Canon sells for that price is because they completely flopped and the EOS-M, excuse my language, sucks. Yes, I've used the EOS-M quite a bit. It is my girlfriend's camera. They put a good sensor in that thing and then forgot to actually build a camera around it. The focus is not only slow, it's inaccurate and the MF isn't very good, either. No wonder she reaches for my E-PM2 whenever there's a shot she needs to nail.

You can't use EOS-M as the example of something that's competitive when the only reason why it sells at the current price is because it's completely flopped and forced to take a 50-60% hit from its original sales price. Now, at $300-400 that you can get it for nowadays, it's actually not the most horrible way you could spend your money. However, had the EOS-M actually been a good camera, it would have stayed expensive.

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