Choosing between Nikon D5200 or Sony NEX6

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I think that's a mistake to get 3N and 5200

You do what you want of course, but I wouldn't get those two.  They are too close in size and capability.  You will end up using all one or all the other.  So, unless you want to try both and sell the one you don't use, I don't recommend that approach.

To my way of thinking you only want one new interchangable lens camera to which you add lenses over time.  The next smaller size than DSLR that may justify a second camera is a P&S. It fits in any pocket but a Nex does not.  If the RX100 is too pricey then get the best small sensor one you can afford, if you do want a smaller camera than the 5100 or Nex.  Contrary to what the gear hounds here believe when you take pictures in bright light and look at them at normal viewing distance you will not be able to tell whether it was taken by your 5100 or your 2/3 tiny sensor P&S without looking at the exif.  So, most travel pics, no difference.  Picture taken in dim light, different story.

Many of the previous posts are bonkers in my view, by the way.  Some posters here think that a dslr somehow knows what the subject is and chooses that reliably.  Nonsense.  I get 95% keepers shooting moving children with the slowest of the Nex lenses the SEL 50mm 1.8.  I choose the Nex for its manuverablity and small effect on the psyche of my tiny subjects. I have no AF problems.

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