Choosing between Nikon D5200 or Sony NEX6

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Re: The zooms are not dark hyenadog!

Let me help you Sony - dont stick up 2 fingers at the majority of NEX owners with a black paint job on the best selling SEL50 .. give us a cheap to design/make OIS/AF SEL85mmf2ish bright short tele prime (in black please) priced around the SEL 50 and be relevant to the majority of NEX owners

If you mean a SEL 2/85, then due to the much larger diaphragm the diameter would be over 60 mm (not very compact) and the price quite a bit higher than the SEL 1.8/50.  Perhaps a Sigma 2.8/85 at the next price level from their 2.8/60 is what we can expect for a reasonably-priced short telephoto.

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