Choosing between Nikon D5200 or Sony NEX6

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Re: Go for the D5200

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for giving your suggestions and brought up good points.

For example, from wb2trf, It's interesting point of view how NEX size and weight would be beneficial for taking pictures of children, and also how using viewfinder can distract them that much. I would never think that using viewfinder will distract them. However, at least in my case, my 2 years old is paying attention to my tiny cell phone camera when I take picture discreetly, I guess using live view on NEX would not help much, especially when using the 10fps burst mode Although size and weight definitely can help move around the camera easier.

Here is what I gathered from so far:

1.The NEX6 image quality is on par with DSLR comparable to D5200. Confirming my own observation (this means I don't interpret the review facts wrongly, ie. the test shots results). Of course test such as from DxOmark lab the truly quantitative comparison, but qualitatively by looking at pictures taken, I would say they belong to the same category.

2.Auto focus on NEX6 is worse than DSLR comparable to D5200, but this is situational, in some case they can be equal. I also realize this camera is not only for taking pictures small children, thus NEX6 disadvantage is situational. Unfortunately my own test in store could not test the difficult situation with either cameras because it is always bright, ideal condition in store.

3.Size and weight can be a big factor. This is actually important in my case because currently when I travel with my 2 years old, I carry a lot of stuff. Although I expect it will get better overtime.

4.Lens choices, Nikon have much more options, NEX is more limited if I want to stay with e-mount, although the available options may be sufficient.

5.Cost, starting, ie. body+kit lens is about the same. But it appears generally the e-mount lens is more expensive than the equivalent Nikon lens. For example, I just found out the 35mm f1.8 e-mount is about 2x the price for the Nikon.

Thus so far, I felt point 1 is definitely non-issue. Point 2, can be an issue and in some cases important, but is not as important as 3,4, and 5. Beside, it appears that skill in many case can overcome the autofocus shortcoming, and this is what I should be focus and worry most once I get a camera. Thus, I am weighing the option based on 3,4,5, and lean towards D5200 because I don't mind the size/weight now, and I like the options available and the potential cost with the D5200 if I decided to do more. I will sit one more night and pull the trigger, then I can move one on more important stuff like taking pictures and improving my skills.

Again, thanks everyone for your input. It's been very helpful.

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