The First DSLR dilemma !!

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Re: The First DSLR dilemma !!

AMDboot wrote:

I was hoping to get an advice from you regarding "The first DSLR dilemma" .... I'd like to buy a DSLR camera "The first one", and am a little bit stuck right now between two brands; Pentax and nikon .... now I know that there are many factors to consider when buying a DSLR, such as the image quality, the available lenses, accessories, costumer support and the available budget, and depending on my type of shooting, I'd choose what suits me !! ...... In my case, considering all of these factors, I can tell you this:

1- for the image quality I think most of today's DSLRs provides a decent image quality, and it would not be a huge concern.

2- for the lens availability, I am a casual shooter "a hobbyist that like to shoot any thing he likes", I shoot for fun and am not planning to become a professional any time soon, but I might spend some money on quality lenses in the future.

3- for the accessories, just some basic stuff such as tripods, hoods, caps, filters, etc.

4- as for the costumer support, where I live "Libya" there is no such thing for any camera brand "even for the big two, canon & nikon".

5- and for the budget, I can only spend 800-900 $.

I can buy from amazon. and I am considering one of two options:

A (Pentax K-30 + DA L 18-55mm) + DA 35mm AL + Ravelli APGL3 tripod [860 $]


A (nikon D5200 + 18-55mm kit lens) + Ravelli APGL3 tripod [870 $]

considering your experience with both of these brands (nikon & Pentax), please help me decide, and I am open to your opinions and recommendations.

Thank you for your time "and sorry for my bad English".

السلام عليكم

بما انك حددت السعر في حدود ال 900 دولار فانا اقترح عليك الكي 30 مع عدسة 18-135

او اقترح العدسة 55-300

انا تركت النيكون وذهبت للبنتاكس لان البنتاكس تنتج كاميرات احترافية بسعر كاميرات الهواة

يعني تضع فيوفايندر بنتابريزم كبير وواضح في الرؤية والبودي ستانليس ومغطى ضد عوامل الطقس وهناك مانع الاهتزاز الداخلي بما يسمح لك باستخدام كل عدسات بنتاكس القديمة مع الاستفادة بخاصية مانع الاهتزاز

كما ان الكي 30 فيها خاصية فوكس بيكينج تجعل استخدام العدسات المانوال متعة وكانها عدسات اوتوفوكس

كما تتوفر ملايين العدسات من بنتاكس بعضها لايزيد عن 25 دولارا

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