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Mechanism of light diffraction is not different from diffraction explained in aero and hydro dynamics.

I googled "hydrodynamic diffraction" and couldn't find anything to help me understand the phenomenon of diffraction in a lens/sensor system. Perhaps you mean the old ripple tanks where water waves were used to give students a more visual understanding of geometrical and physical optics. If you have something else in mind, please give me a link.

Hydrodynamic wave diffraction isn't just of interest in lab demonstrations.

Just for fun, check this out: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/publications/slidesets/oceans/oceanviews/slide_14.html

Great imagery.  Thank you.  Slide 13 shows some great interference in the bottom right hand corner.


As I suspect you know, the speed of surface water waves depend on several factors in a complicated way .  Depth of the water is a significant consideration.

So if you are a submariner, you want to stay undetected from all those folks who have fancy airborne, (later spaceborne) computerized systems to detect any diffractive effects of the waves produced by a (shallow running) sub.

And if you are an old f@rt you'll remember the IBM 1620 which was used in the 1960s to try to extract signal from laboriously scanned images of sea states.   Undoubtedly there are some sophisticated systems now which follow "anomalous" diffraction patterns around the oceans.

Can't say more.  Someone might be watching (and recording metadata).


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