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Re: Speaking of clues...

Steen Bay wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Imagine that. I found it terribly curious that Steen felt it necessary to add that tidbit in, as it didn't really pertain to the situation at hand, except as an aside, when it was contained within the link I gave.

Just added a bit to what you said, what's wrong with that?

What's wrong with it is that it was included in the link I gave, but clipped out for purposes of brevity, so you felt it important enough to mention, you could have referenced it from there rather than making it appear as though it were something I overlooked.

Know that people can read all about it in your essay, but how likely is it that they actually click on your links and do that?

Then quote it from the link provided rather than make it appear as though I were overlooking something.

Thought it was relevant when discussing at which f-stop the FZ200 is sharpest. Maybe the FZ200 actually is sharpest wide open at f/2.8 in the center, while the over-all sharpness is best at f/4 or so.

However, at no point did you ever think it relevant to explain to LTZ470 that those correcting him were correct, and that he would be well served to pay attention, if he had any interest in understanding diffraction, that is.

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