Choosing between Nikon D5200 or Sony NEX6

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Re: The zooms are not dark hyenadog!

I am a third generation NEX user, now happy with my NEX-6 and still long for the accurate focus of my old Nikon. The NEX is perfect-small, lightweight, small lenses, outstanding image quality-until you get to focusing. I've just accepted that I will have to manual focus sometimes with the NEX, and that is the price to pay for such a compact system.

I am into travel photography, and thus size and weight are paramount. I travel internationally for my job, and for fun every spring we try to take a cruise around the Mediterranean. What really gets to me is coming home from Italy or some other beautiful exotic place and finding many of my photos are out of focus, or focused on the wrong thing in the frame. Yes I could slow down and use DMF, yes I used the EVF, but all that is hard to do from a pitching boat in the canals of Venice, for example. With the cheapest Nikon DSLR I suspect I would have 99% keepers. The NEX-6 did better this year than my NEX-7 did last year, but next year it might just be a Nikon. I go back and forth whether to keep the NEX system or sell it all and get a Nikon. I really like Sony cameras and their features, and I had high hopes for the new a3000. I hope there will be a a5000 or a6000.

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